Yoga challenge, days 1-4


Day 1: Really hesistant, literally cancelled my registration for class no less than 3 times before the hubs talked some sense in me and essentially forced my hand in going. I had all the excuses: I won’t be good at it, it’s been so long since I’ve practiced, but the weather is so nice for running. Blah blah blah. But once I got to class, everything came back to me. All of the postures, all of the breathing, all of the relaxation. Talk about a yoga high.

Day 2: Hello, Dolly I was SORE. Muscles I didn’t even know I had were aching. So I downloaded a guided meditation app and went for it. Meditation is almost excruciatingly hard for me because my mind always likes to be going at a million miles a minute. Which is exactly why I need to force myself to do it. Clearing my mind is easy during yoga class, not so easy when I’m at home and my to do list is forever long.

Day 3: More meditation. I’m not going to lie…I only made it halfway through the guided meditation before my mind started wandering and, no matter how long I sat there, I could not get back on track. Something to work on? Most definitely.

Day 4: Post-run vinyasa at home. Muscles no longer aching, it felt good to get my yoga on in the comfort of my own living room, complete with Pandora and a curious cat. I had originally signed up for a studio class but procrastinating me put off a ginormous presentation that I have to give TOMORROW until this morning so I settled for home practice. I’ve decided: home practice isn’t my favorite but it’s better than nothing. However, I still don’t really feel as if I’m in a routine of yoga.


20 (+2) days of yoga

Yikes. It has been a long time since my last post.

I’ll be honest, I kind of just needed a break away from the computer.

But a lot happened. Mainly, we signed a lease for an apartment in North Carolina, spent a technology-free week with my parents, and I have been spending most of my recent time scrambling to finish tons of school work and research before I move in May.

{Deep breath}

Without going into too much detail right now (I plan to but my brain is in 20 different places right now soooo I’m not even sure it would come out as sentences), my health has been kind of meh lately. Meh compounded by epic amounts of stress does not bode well for much of anything.

So I sucked it up and bought an unlimited yoga pass to my local studio. And decided that the next 22 days would be 22 with at least some sort of yoga in it…whether it be a class, Sun Salutations in the morning, or relaxation yoga at night. 22 days of yoga will bring me right up to the day of my research defense and Lord knows I need all the relaxation (and stretching) that I can get between now and then.


Today is day 1. I almost cancelled my registration for class because it’s been approximately a year since the last time I practiced yoga. I used to eat it up and go to as many classes as possible and then I just sort of fell out of love. Not for any particular reason, I just think that my love for yoga crops up in the times that I need it most. Which most likely isn’t a bad thing. My coping strategies could be worse.

So, wish me luck. Each day will have a recap of what I did, how I felt, and lots of randomness I am sure.

{Almost} moving time

Guys, I woke up this morning (at 7 am today!…glorious, glorious sleep) and the fact that I am moving to another state in probably *less* than 2 months hit me like a few tons of bricks.

{insert panic}

The main problem is, we have too. much. crap. And when you get a kitten, no one tells you that the adorable little fuzz ball comes with as much stuff as a human kid when it comes to taking them places.

Obviously, we’re not getting rid of our cat. But all that other stuff…that random stuff that we don’t care about…yeah, that ALLLLL has to go.


Literally. Too much stuff. So that will be consuming the next few weekends.

Parting with the stuff isn’t going to be the hard part though. I don’t have an attachment to much of my things because I bought them in undergrad for as cheap as possible and have dragged them from apartment to apartment year after year. I’m not even that sad about leaving my current city. We’ve had a good run. And I’m kind of pumped to live somewhere new.

But, I am kind of sad about the reason we are moving: I am starting my residency in June. Yikes. That means that once I move, the next time I see all of my supervisors and professors will be when I graduate. Cue hyperventilation.

Most of all, I am just going to miss all of the people I have come to love. Even the “worst” clinical supervisor. Especially the awesome ones who have seen me cry and don’t think I’m totally insane. Especially the ones who support my research and are just all around super inspiring and motivating people.

I am going to miss our crappy little building on campus that we got simply because my department is the social reject department of the university. I am going to miss all of my classmates and our talks in the lounge.

Thinking about leaving all of that puts a wrench in my gut. You’d think I’d be kind of okay with it considering I live 1000 miles away from all of my family. But nope, no such luck.  Thankfully, I am going to just as supportive of a place to finish up my learning experience. And life will go on. And the hubs + the cat and I will continue to get to have no adventures.

How do you handle leaving a place/people that you love so much?


Anywho, this is ostensibly a running blog so I suppose I should talk about some running things since I’ve been rocking some of my runs lately.

March miles to date: 30.5

Goal for March: 70 miles (and 2 days of yoga per week…so far, that’s a fail but more to come on that topic…)

Fastest pace to date: 7:58 mile

Longest run to date: 4.28 miles

Average pace to date: 8:26 per mile

What’s your best of for March so far?

Weekend hangover + Tuesday motivation

I don’t know about you, but Tuesdays are absolutely positively the hardest day of the week for me. The week is still early but Friday is still eons away.

And this week I definitely have a “weekend hangover”. This past weekend was so amazing and relaxing with the hub’s parents, getting back to reality has been a rough reality. We ate so much good food and slept in and ran in the beautiful weather. It was  pretty much perfect.

So I’m in massive need of some Tuesday motivation. Especially with Daylight Savings. I am not digging dark mornings again.




Happy Tuesday!!! What is your biggest hurdle for the week?

Five on Friday

Phew. It’s Friday. TGIF. Hallelujah. There aren’t enough exclamations to proclaim how excited I am for this weekend.



The hubs and I are officially moving to the Charlotte area! I am nervous because I have literally never been to Charlotte, except for the airport…we will be suburb-ing it for a while since I’d have a 1.5 hour commute otherwise but I am so excited to explore a new city.



I have a new favorite app. It’s called Sleep Time and it’s pretty much amazing. It tracks your movement throughout the night and analyzes how long you’re in light sleep vs. REM/deep sleep. And then, it wakes you up when you’re in light sleep so you don’t feel as groggy. In love.

The only “downside”: if you’re a person who loves to hit snooze, you probably won’t feel as awesome. But I’m typically dragging on Friday mornings and I don’t feel the need to drink all of the coffee ever.


Since we’re moving in a few months, this weekend is going to be all about weeding things out.  We’ve lived in our apartment for about a year, but it’s amazing how much junk we’ve managed to accumulate/drag with us from place to place. Thankfully moving 4 hours away means that it’s okay to donate things we don’t love.  Spring cleaning is a lot easier when you know a fresh start is around the corner.


This song was the hubs and I first dance. Reading this just makes me smile.



Friday motivation


Happy Friday all!!! What are your weekend plans? What are your running plans?

Recent reads

It’s Thursday! A.k.a. Friday Eve. It’s been a pretty laid back week, overall, with several of my classes being cancelled and “snow days”. All in all, it’s been a restful week that I’ve really needed.

All this free time has led me to think a lot about eating disorders, especially since last week was national eating disorder week. But last week came and went without much talk about how an eating disorder is often *silent*. I admit, I am a little at fault…I didn’t talk about eating disorders last week.


I just had trouble finding words.

So I’m asking you…is eating disorder awareness and experience something that you’d want to read about?

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Mental health day

This was me last Friday:


This is me today:


Yep, I called out of my afternoon clinic. Because guys, I am *burned out*. I’m currently not trying to feel guilty about “skipping” today because let’s face it…mental health days can be just as important as sick days.

So, what will my mental health day look like? Well, mostly research journal articles. But also, some fun stuff…namely relaxing and running.

Untitled #10

Do you take mental health days? What is your ideal day off?